Race Mission

Avicar Test
Drive facility

Sync into an Avicar Gen0 located in our R+D Labs by using only a headset. From anywhere on earth.

The R+D Labs offers test driving to get familiar with the technology. Drivers start on an open grass field (greenspaces®) to get accustomed to accelerating, turns and braking, before advancing to the race track.


Beginner tests conducted at our R&D facility will help identify advanced drivers. Advanced drivers who are scouted get to test their skills on physical tracks, all done remotely.

The top drivers get drafted to join 1 of the 11 teams for the first invitational games to be held in F/W of 2024.

Gearing up to the
Cloud Prix
driver and console
driver in grass
driver in back seat
driver with avicar costume
avicar in grass
race flags

Cloud Prix Championship
Season 1—Starts in Miami
F/W 2024